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Sorry this happened, but I'm glad you gave her a refund. If you're going to continue in business it's important to deliver a quality product. And remember that excellent customer service is critical; your competitors are only one Facebook page away.   
 How interesting. The last I heard, New Jersey does not have a cottage food law. Can you share the info with us?
 Quote: Fine tuning the math can reap a more accurate figure but your point is clear. Very clear. If someone doesn't understand it or thinks they can slide by anyway, then they deserve what you have demonstrated. When snarkybaker posted her yearly income I was concerned that people would take that at face value. Thank you Jen, for your post.
Start here: Help me learn to price cakes.
 Ah, again costumeczar is the voice of reason... There is a tendency on this forum to think in a narrow way. We certainly don't want people to take advantage of us, but we must always be respectful of others. Successful business owners understand they are not the center of the universe. 
 Okey doke. A statement like that and hordes more newbies naively hit the Me Too! button. 
 Of course! And keep posting on CC, but in the other forums which can be way more fun than here in the Business forum!
You're right, AZ.  
 Yes, great article, thank you AZ. My take-away: Competition is the key to how businesses do or do not survive. We've been touching on this a lot recently. 
It works best if both batters have the same basic bake time and temp.
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