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Thanks for the spreadsheet. 
Hi.  I loved Elisa Struass' designer handbag Craftsy class.  Which Craftsy classes have you taken and would recommend?  Any compliants with any of these classes?  Thanks. 
Hi gmfcakes.  Did Susan Carberry teach the class at the Cake Cottage?  How was the class?  Susan is teaching a few classes in my area next weekend.  Would you recommend her classes?  Thanks. 
  Hi.  k8memphis your piss poor quote is hysterical.  LOL.  Where can I purchase the LV textured rolling pin since Amazon doesn't have it right now?  Thanks. 
Chain Silicone Mold Hi.  I am making a Chanel purse.  Has anyone used this silicone chain link mold?  Do you think it would come out good or look cheap?  Thanks.
Cute.  Thanks for posting.
Everything is in a smaller amount now but you are still paying the price it was at the larger size.  More examples:  candy, cereal, cookies, chips.  I would rather pay more money for a full size product.
kikiandkyle, Which Craftsy classes did you purchase?  What ones would you recommend?  Thanks.
I saw some clip art on google that looks similiar but not the same exact image. 
Yes the white velvet from the Cake Bible freezes well.  I have to try FromScratch's recipe. 
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