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I think rolling the fondant on The Mat is what caused the craters.  I have seen other posts where people have said the same thing happened to them.  I have also seen pictures of the fondant on cakes with the little craters.
Can I buy this airbrush in the US?  Thanks.
Are you willing to share your killer devil's food recipe with the rest of us?  Thanks.
Which size mat did you buy?  Do you get pop marks/craters on your fondant with the mat?  Thanks.
About the Mat - Does it make pop marks (craters) on your fondant?  Does it get sticky/greasy?  Thanks.
Hi. Just went to Michael's on my lunch hour and saw some of his stuff. Duff better watch out. LOL
Hi.  Has anyone tried this recipe since it was posted?  Thanks.
I love all the videos I watched on there. 
I am making the chocolate covered Oreos in the Spinning Leaf molds. I am putting a designer label purse logo on top. I am bringing them to a party this weekend. I am sure people are going to want to order these for future parties. I am a hobbyist with a full time job. What is everyone charging for these? Thanks for your help.
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