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Hi.  Was thinking about purchasing these two sets.  How are the numbers and letters for cookie decorating?  Any pictures on this site using these sets?  Do you like the animals in the Animal Pals set?  Thanks for your feedback. 
Thanks everyone.
misschristinec, I am scheduled to take a few classes at Pink Cake Box in NJ soon.  I am really looking forward to them.   I have taken fondant classes with Sweet Irene in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  She is excellent.  She has a website and facebook page.  She offers beginner and advanced classes.  I know she has a beginner fondant class either in January or February.  I have taken her pillow cake class, shopping bag cake class, gumpaste shoe class, purse cake class, tiara...
Bakencake, Thanks for the link for the cutters made with soda cans.  Can you get more than one use out of these?  Are they sturdy enough to be washed and kept for future use?  Also did you cut yourself at all?  How long did it take you to make each cutter?  Thanks again.  P.S. Where are you in NY?  I am on Long Island.
Your tree looks so pretty.  I am going to purchase the kit.  Thank you for replying and for including picture.
Hi, Has anyone purchased the make your own Cookie Cutters Kit?  Is it easy?  Thanks. 
Hi, Do you have a picture of the cupcakes in the martini glasses.  What temp and how long did you bake them?  Did you put them on a cookie sheet while baking?  Thanks.
Thanks.  I will buy some tomorrow.
A lot of the cookie cutters I buy on line and locally have price tag stickers and bar code stickers on them.  I found that only brillo takes the gum off completely.  However, I am stratching the cutters.  Some of these cutters are over $10 each.  What do you use to remove the gum on your cookie cutters?  Thanks.
Thanks for responding.  I will search the paper punches.
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