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Are you talking about hidden pillars? It's not considered a support system, yet hollow plastic dowels that work as many other types of pegs.
If I understand correctly, all your pans are square and 3" deep (10" sq = 50, 14" sq = 98, 16" sq = 128 totalling 276), however, you are splitting each 3" high cake (1 cake per size) with a piece of cardboard in between which will leave each serving only being 1.5 inches high... what width and length are you going to slice those thin servings?  (because if you're cutting standard 1" width and 2" length you'd double the total servings from 276 to 552 but they'd only be 3...
IMO, no, no, and no.
I would not transport fully assembled (unless built on a center pole, which is overkill for this small cake).  I'd transport bottom tier with dummy separately from top two tiers. If you use a central dowel, it won't go through a Masonite board without pre-drilling a hole.  I think a cake drum or several thicknesses of corrugated cake boards (for homemade drum) would be fine for handling and stacking the top two tiers. (For clarity, whether a central dowel is used or not,...
Avoid messing up BC by doing this (read post #6):
Check out Bakery Crafts' delivery box system.
Don't take our word, try it.  Once I didn't freeze a sample cake, and everyone wanted to know what I did differently because it didn't taste as moist as usual.
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