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Here's how to stack (you didn't mention dowel rods): @ your other question... you may not receive any replies.  People don't tend to take time to answer questions for no reason.  Good luck.
Looks good.  I would have cut the internal supports shorter eliminating the gap between cake and plate for more of a "suction" rather than balancing act, and would have used a base board rather than plate.  (Also would have used matching crystal-look plates instead of white.)
Industry standard servings for all occasions: If they want larger servings, they can order more cake.
Gross... it's lard -- great for pie crusts, but not buttercream.
Red is a primary color -- you can't make it.
No need to wait; bake, cool 10-30 minutes, remove from pan, wrap, freeze.
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Nothing.  Wait and see.  For a smooth transition, sometimes the owner(s)/manager(s) are written into the sale contract to remain on for 6 mos. or so, and employees may be asked to remain on with incentives like better pay, bonuses, health insurance, and other benefits.
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