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These are some sugar cookies I did a couple of years ago for a competition where all of the entry must be cookie and Christmas themed.  The box and ornaments are all sugar cookie covered in Duff fondant and RI decorations.  I love Duff fondant.  I find it easy to work with and the taste is great.  Good luck!
kakeladi's is the best! I use it for the majority of my cakes -- various flavors and always get wonderful compliments! Thanks, Kakeladi, for such a fabulous recipe!
Thanks for the advice!!!! That's what I was thinking, but wanted some input from you guys that have worked with fresh flowers before. I really appreciate your assistance!!
I am decorating a buttercream wedding cake this weekend with fresh flowers. I have never done this and am looking for some direction so I don't mess the whole thing up! Thank you all for any help/advice you have!
you could try a technique I saw on one of the cake shows. put modeling chocolate bumps on the bc and then cover with fondant
How awesome is that!!! Congratulations! I hope you have a great time with this fun and wonderful opportunity!
I love the glucose/alchol tip. Thank you so much for that one. I have a cake coming up that I can use that one on.
I have a travel steamer I use. It really makes a difference in the look of the cake and sets everything nicely.
The Duff fondant comes in various colors and is available at Michael's. It is normally $19.99 for a 2# tub. (I usually will buy it with the weekly coupon!) I found out today on another topic here at CC that it is the same as Fondarific. If you have a cake store near you, they might carry that or it can be ordered on-line. Try Global Sugar Arts website.I use the Duff fondant all the time and it is very good and tasty! Customers that hate fondant actually tell me how...
As I understand the directions, it is carved. I have never tried this myself, but it's on my to-try list!! Good luck!
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