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Thanks! I thought they looked like tulips. I don't know what the filler is either, but I'm sure I could come up with something.
Interesting. I guess I never noticed. I'll pay more attention.
 Thanks for your help. I don't think they look like roses because of the yellow stamen that you can see in one on the right, but it could be a mixture of types of flowers too.
 Thanks for your thoughts. I think they are real too.
 Thanks. I thought so. She's not going to like the quote on this one. All of the other pictures she sent to me were the simpler textured buttercream where you use a spatula. Any idea about the type of flowers? They look like they could be tulips or parrot tulips to me, but not sure. They look real, but the designer could just be really good at gumpaste. :)
A client sent me this picture and I want to know 2 things:   1. Are the lines piped on, sort of randomly? 2. What type of flowers are on the topper?   I appreciate any input.
 LOL! I'm so glad you said this. I wouldn't let it sit out all day, but I agree that it is not going to suddenly spoil at 2 hours.
 I'm glad I am not the only one. I just had a tasting where they wanted to try a mostly dairy-free cream cheese icing. I thought that the Lorann flavoring would be the answer. I didn't think it tasted anything like cream cheese and neither did my client. They ended up going with real cream cheese icing instead. I'm glad I had some on hand for them to taste in place of the fake stuff.
 I just tried it and was not impressed. I don't think it tastes like cream cheese icing at all. I followed the recipe on the bottle and even doubled the amount of flavoring to try to get a cream cheese taste. I tasted it side by side with actual cream cheese icing. I would love to know what you think of the flavor. Maybe I'm crazy.
I will check them out. Thanks!
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