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I bake it at 350 for 35-40 minutes. Like Indy said, when I smell it. it's done!
For all of you that own the printer, is it true that if you don't use it often the ink dries up or the cartridges get "gummy"? I read that somewhere and I'd like to know if that has ever happened to anyone.
Ooops! That was a nono. Try
Kurky and Kathleen, its a single plate separator. you can look it up and purchase on
Thanks so much for the info. I will look it up!
brincess, I bake from scratch also, but I have never baked a roll cake. I guess I just figured I could get away with a box mix. Is there a specific recipe you use for this type of cake? Thanks in advance for your answer.
It was love at first sight for me too! I frost all my cakes with Pastry Pride. I dip the end of a butter knife into the dust and lightly blow it on to the cake. It really adds a pretty sparkle.
OK so this is the first time I've ever made a jelly roll style cake. I baked a Duncan Hines chocolate cake according to the directions and spread it in a jelly roll pan. I turned it over onto a clean towel and rolled it up. I let it cool thoughly. I did not refrigerate it. When I unrolled it, it broke into so many pieces I couldn't use it . Ok so I'll save the broken pieces for cake balls. Anyway, is there anyone out the there that can give any helpful tips?? Maybe I...
She removed it. It was on her CC profile but it's gone now. I swear, the things people do to get attention! I guess this one backfired!
Doubt it. Why would she be so quick to remove the picture from her blog? Someone's Busted!!
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