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ooh I will check them out. Thanks!
Cake supply stores if I need a few in a hurry. Otherwise I buy from Globalsugart(dot)com and order at least 25 in each size I use frequently. I love having them on hand!
For my 1/4 sheets, I bake 2 seperate cakes using 1 box in each. I like the height and my customers do too!
Check out this item #190424637592 on eBay. It's under $75 and you get 4 colors to boot!
All of the Dollar stores in my area have them. Michaels is too expensive. I use them to make cake circles with instead of cardboard.
ALL my cakes are frosted with Pastry Pride. My customers love it. It's not too sweet and you can add any flavoring or powdered sugar to it if you want. And the best part is, it won't melt unless it's sitting directly in the sun.You should try it!
I read in one of the threads on this site that you can also use shortening. I would apply it with a pastry brush. Very thinly of course. The spray might work too, I would also apply it with a brush. Maybe you should try both ways on a scrap of fondant. Who knows, the spray might break down or melt the fondant. Good Luck!
Yes, shortning will thin the melts out and you will be able to dip them easier. Parafin flakes work even better, I get those at my cake supply store. I think it is hardened shortning and shaved into thin flakes. They melt instantly when mixed with warm melts. Hope this helps!
I have made a few ice cream cakes. I bake a top layer and a bottom layer and "sandwich" the ice cream in the middle. Freeze the cake layers, soften the ice cream a bit then spread in a plastic wrap lined cake pan that is the same size as the cake and freeze everything overnight. Next day, put it all together and frost. I use Pastry Pride whipped topping and never have any problems not sticking to cake. Hope that helps for next time!
Yes, start with chocolate buttercream and add black color to it. You will be surprised at how little color you will need to make a true black. Good Luck!
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