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I'll bake it, then break it apart, freeze it in a ziplock for making cake balls. Or if I have time, I'll mix the cake ball ingredients into it, then freeze it. When I need cake balls, just thaw, roll and dip. Easy peasy!
Sorry people, this is kinda gross! I have to make a b-day cake for a lady's hubby who apparently has the disgusting habit of clipping his toenails and leaving them in a pile for her to pick up. She wants a cake with a foot and nail clippings on it. Ugh! In my opinon, he doesn' deserve a cake, but personal feeling aside, I was thinking of making the foot out of either modeling chocolate, RKT or fondant. Which would work better? And would the toenail clippings be easiest if...
My daughter had her baby at a hospital that had a donut shop across the street. They had a sign in the window advertising a free "welcome baby" donut with a purchase of a dozen. Blue ones saying "its a boy" and pink for "its a girl. Maybe you could do something like that with cuppies or cookies? You could also do "get well soon" and other illness related goodies!
You can make it in the microwave too, and in only 10 minutes!! Pour the condensed milk in an ovenproof container. I used a pyrex bowl. Make sure its a big bowl, the stuff will bubble up and rise to the top and could overflow. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke a hole in the middle. Cook at 50% heat for 10-12 minutes, stopping to stir every 2 or 3 minutes. The 1st time I made this, I thought it was ruined because it looked chunky or curdled but just stir quickly with...
Thanks for posting that Apti! Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best!
A friend loaned me his while my "tilt head" was being repaired after using it for more than 10 years. He had the "bowl lift" model. I didn't like it at all! I'm glad I got to try it out because when my KA finally died, I bought the tilt head again. No possibility of exchanging it? Good Luck!
I use the decorators cream cheese frosting recipe from this site. Since this seems to be a common question, I've read here several times that because of the high sugar content in cream cheese frosting, it becomes shelf stable. I've made red velvet with cream cheese frosting wedding cakes and they hold up well without refrigeration. At least I've had no complaints yet!
Glad I could help!
There's a cake shop in Norco California that sells them. I buy them all the time. They have a minut amount of metal in them but you'd have to eat like a pound for them to affect you! The name of the shop is Pila's Pantry and they have another store in Temecula, Ca.
One more thing I forgot to say, Make sure you have a dam of PP on the bottom layer so the berries don't leak thru.
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