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I don't make alot of cookies but in the past I've made your regular royal icing flooded cookies. I think they are very sweet. Can I outline in RI and flood with melted chocolate or candy coating? Can I decorate on top of the chocolate once it's hardened? Thanks in advance!
Really? I thought any liquid mixed with the melted chocolate would seize it. Interesting!
You know, the cake that looks like a checker board on the inside when you slice it. I know how to make it in round but has anyone attempted to make a square one? If you succeded, can you share how? TIA!
Pudding and sour cream help, but make a test cake first. When I did this for the first time, my cake sank in the middle! Too much moisture I guess!
I like to make the stars out of white chocolate using a mold. They can be painted or you can sprinkle edible glitter on them. Best of all, the kids will love eating them!
Too bad! It was a very cute cake. Maybe Royal Icing would have held together better? Oh well, chalk it up as a learning experience for next time!
Yeah, just what is a cake bite?
Brincess is right. I also found that by setting the chocolate in the fridge or freezer, the colors separate from each other when you unmold the pops.
You can freeze them until you are ready to use them but make sure you thaw them completely in the fridge before dipping them or they WILL crack!
Bluehue, a quincenera is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other birthday, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. It is celebrated by a mass to give thanks, and a reception where dinner is served. Then she dances a waltz with her father which is supposed to symbolized her first dance as a young woman. Then music is played by either a live band or a deejay while the guests chat, mingle,...
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