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Have you heard of Kataifi Dough? It is the shredded cousin to Fillo dough. You know, the stuff Baklava is made from. Well you can buy Kataifi dough uncooked and already shredded. It is shredded pretty finely so it would make realistic looking hay. You defrost it and pull it apart to loosen it. Then you form your hay bundles and put them in the oven to cook. It will crisp and even brown if you want. Once crisp you could airbrush some color to make them look like hay. Try...
I use only Mexican Vanilla. I have family that goes south of the border all the time so they get it for me. Very reasonable cost when you get it directly from Mexico. Around $10 for a quart!
I agree. If I was served bad wedding cake, I just wouldn't eat it.
If I were going to attempt this, I would first cut a circle out of gumpaste then cut straight down to the center then accross to the right. Like cutting a 1/4 wedge out of it. Then cut the other pieces out of colored gumpaste and layer them accordingly. Use a little water or piping gel for glue.
Probably Gumpaste, maybe fondant. It doesn't look too hard to make. It is pretty though!
I only use a flower nail on cakes that are 12" and larger. As the cake bakes, the flower nail gets hot therefore cooking the center of the cake at the same time as the outer edge. You do not get a dome because it all cooks at the same time. The pans in the picture do look to be about 8", so in my opinion, the nail was not necessary. HTH!
LKing12, you took the words right outta my mouth!
Thanks so much Vita!
Hello out there! I was wondering if anyone knows if I can buy a set of edible playing cards. If so, where? I do not have an edible image printer and I know that if I did I could print them and put them either on fondant or gumpaste. The cake I'm doing has them standing up around the center divider so they have to be stiff. Hopefully there is someone out there that can help me, thanks!
I have never heard of that. For a true white, I use Merckens Melting Wafers. They are WHITE! I buy them at my supply store but you can buy them online at almost any cake supplier. HTH!
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