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I put my tips in a coffee cup withe water and microwave them for 2 minutes. The grease dissolves in the hot water then I rinse them with soapy water.
"Thoight"? Ugh I meant Thought! Thats what happens when you look at your fingers while typing and not the screen. Good Luck!
What if you piped them out of merengue? maybe pipe them on something that was slightly curved and oven safe so they would bake curved? Merengue is so light and airy they would weigh almost nothing. Just a thoight. That cake is gorgeous, by the way!
I use graham crackers and if I need to stick sand on the sides I use clear piping gel. Works great!
Thank you cakesrock. It's not the soccer ball pan, just the regular half ball pan. Thanks again for the instructions!
Anxietyattack, thanks so very much! It is the wilton pan. The last time I tried eyeballing it and lets just say I was unsuccessful!
I thought the ganache seemed a bit thick too. I just started a new post asking if there was a template or pattern for making the sections on the ball even? Sorry, i don't mean to hijack this thread, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
I am using the half ball pan to make a soccer ball. Is there a template or pattern available to make the black and white sections even? I tried eyeballing it once and it didn't work so good. HELP!!!
"I just want to say that a 1/4 sheet that feeds 48 people is a mighty small piece of cake, something like 1" by 2" or 1" x 1.5" or something that small; if I remember from the last time I looked (it has been a while). I usually have a piece of paper cut to that size to show the true size of the cake. IMO it is not nearly enough cake. But that's just me. "LindaF144a, I agree! Around here, a 1/4 sheet cake serves 25, 1/2 sheet serves 45-50.
rosa369 I buy it at Smart & Final. I've read on here that you can buy it at Sams club or Costco under the name of "Bettercreme" or "Rich's". It comes frozen in a gallon sized carton. You let it sit 24 hrs in the fridge to defrost. Once it defrosts its like a thick milk. I whip it up in my KA and it turns into frosting. It can be flavored (coffee creamers work great!), colored, ect. It works for borders & roses. Just like buttercream except it does not crust. I use it for...
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