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You know, now I'm not sure if it's safe for food use. Since they sell it at all 4 cake supply stores near me, I think it would be. They all sell the same brand, Guardsman.I never questioned it. It says on the wrapper "pure aluminum foil". I've been using it for 15+ years.
I buy rolls of colored foil from my cake supply store. it comes in lots of colors and is relativly inexpensive. A roll of 50ft long by 20in wide costs under $10.00I currently have about 10 different colors right now.
You will have to re bake them. I always use cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate and I've never had a problem with caving.
Or you could try cutting the letters out of a yellow Wilton sugar sheet. If you have a cricut, then that's even better. If this not a feasible idea, I'd go with piping with Royal Iving.
Ugh, yes! I've tossed a lot of chocolate because of the same reason. I stumbled upon a recipe that worked great for me. It's your basic recipe, the only diffence is you heat the corn syrup before stirring into the chocolate. I use 8 oz chocolate and 3 oz corn syrup. Heat syrup in a small pot until it just starts to boil. Add to cooled (but still liquid) chocolate. Stir to combine. Dont over mix. You should have a smooth paste. It will have a bit of oil, but not a lot. Pour...
I stumbled upon a recipe that worked great for me. It's your basic recipe but the difference is that your heat the corn syrup. The warm syrup stirred with the warm chocolate gives it more time to "come together" if that makes sense. Do not over mix or it will get really oily.8 oz chocolate (I used candy melts because thats what I had on hand) 3 oz of corn syrup (I used light corn syrup) plastic wrap Instructions 1 Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. To create a double...
You are very welcome! A few pointers about modeling chocolate, it can be tempermental! If you over mix it, it will get very oily and gritty. I have thrown away several batches. I just stumbled upon a very easy recipe and it worked great! I made the black rope border on my Wild Animals cake in my photos. I hand rolled it since it had to be a bit thick. The recipe is pretty basic except that in this particular recipe you heat the corn syrup. I hope it works for you. Here is...
Edible shimmer spray would work. I have a horrible time brushing dusts on. They never seem to come out even, always splotchy. Here's a link. it's available in 3 colors.
Wow thats a toughie. The blue is such a stong color I'm not sure it wouldn't bleed into the royal icing. What about white modeling chocolate? I don't think it would bleed into it. As far as making pinstripes, you could use an extruder. It might be worth a try!
Although it looks straight, once the fondant is back on ,the weight of it may be dragging the cake down.I would disassemble and reassemble with the boards in between the layers. freezing it was a great idea. Can you carefully disassemble some of it so it could fit in your freezer? Or lay it sideways maybe?
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