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Thanks to all. MimiFix, that really does make sense. I have book marked your blog for further reading. Thanks!
Good Luck!
I would use a tip 2 or 3 for the outline. For the color flow, you can use a bigger tip, or just snip a tiny bit of the end of your bag. Make sure your outline has crusted before filling in, or it will all just run together. I let mine sit about 30 minutes or so.
This is called royal icing color flow or run out. It is pretty easy but just don't attempt it in humid weather, it will never dry!! When filling in, be sure to thin out the icing. Here is a good tutorial
Thanks icer101, I will try it again!
I have heard to coat them in flour. Does this work? I tried that with cupcakes once and they still sank. I am making a red velvet cake to look like a watermelon inside. HELP!!!
Wow. This is why I don't watch soap operas. I can come to CC and get my fix for drama and at the same time get cake advice!   Pouchet82, I think she is the heartless b*tch for saying you don't care about her dog. Anyway, good advice about taking a few days to cool off, for the both of you. Good Luck! 
It is also known as Cornelli Lace. Here a re a few tutorials.
Here is one I made with gumpaste, then airbrushed with Americolor Pearl Sheen      
To be honest, I have not used that type of spray before so I don't know if the color is truly white. I use an airbrush and spray Pearl Sheen from Americolor. This is a white with a pearly sheen. It does not turn cream color. 
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