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I want to bake 4" high cakes (yellow and chocolate). What's the best recipe for this high of a cake.  Are there some recipes that are better than others (to ensure that the cake is done in the middle)?  I want to use a 9" round and a sheet cake.
i have a request to duplicate this look. has anyone done this before or know who this pict belong to, so i can ask?  I need to know approx how many flowers it took to do this
Seems like I've seen a video or something of how to make edible lace from real lace, but I cant find it.  Does anyone know of a tutorial... or any other option to make edible lace?  Lace molds are so expensive.
I can't find my recipe I had for buttercream. It was made with crisco and involved mixing hot water with a powder substance (can't remember if it is merigne powder or not, but it wasn't powder sugar) until its fluffy then adding to sugar.. Any help.
Smckinney - I saw a pict of someone who dressed it like a bear and it was really cute. I'm looking for that pict, or something like it.
The other day I saw a picture of one of those little "sleeping baby cupcake toppers" (see attached) decorated like a bear (it may have been a little bear hat or something. i cant remember, but its not the ones that remind me of mickey mouse ears). I can't find it anywhere now. I can't remember if it was on cake central or on the web. Has anyone seen a pict like that? I need to decorate mine like little bears and no idea how
What size is the actual size (in inches) of Costco's full size sheet cake?
They will be dipped in choc. They shouldn't stick if the choc is hardened right?
What size tin tie bag do I need for 12 cake pops (without the stick)?
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