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Is it me or have there been quite a few trolls around?
Cake Boss is on netflix, if you can stand all the drama. I can only do one or two at a time and an earlier poster had the best idea, turn the volume down!
This is freaking awesome! If it can hold the cactus, surely it can hold the tower.
I still say we need a "Like", button. This just made me laugh out loud. Full of yourself, aren't ya Scratch?
In response to your question can you freeze butter, yes you can. I have done it for years. Recently I found butter @ $2.50 a pound and stocked up. To use it I take it out of the freezer a day or so a head of time and place it in the fridge. I use the microwave to soften it on the defrost cycle but I don't walk away from it. I do it for 30 seconds, 15 seconds and 15 seconds. When I pinch the stick of butter and it has some give, I know it's ready. Then I beat the dickens...
Apti, i totally makes sense what you are saying. My initial thought is that it is butter cream. I think it is the colors that are throwing me off. I am wondering if there is a base coat of black underneath so that it looks like the scaring on a birch tree. I will search the forums and see what i can find. Thanks, all!
this is a picture a bride brought to me, and I have no idea how this cake was finished. It looks like it could be butter cream, but I'm not certain. Does anyone know how to do the technique on the sides of the cake?Any help would be deeply appreciated!
The recipe you are inquiring about is very similar to Wilton buttercream. The ratio of fat to sugar is the same, with the exception that 1/2 cup of butter has been swapped out for 1/2 cup of shortening, which will probably make your icing more stable. (not that Wilton buttercream is unstable) (1/2 cup butter - 1 1/2 cups shortening compared to the Wilton recipe of 1 cup butter to 1 cup shortening)The amount of icing the recipe yields, should ice and fill one 8" or 9"...
I googled ," Make your own cake stands", and there are a lot of hits. This is one of them: you don't like any of the above, perhaps you can search for one you do like. I would try to coordinate the two cakes and cake stands. It could be with ribbon around the cake, or jewels around the cake stand. I would try to find one element of each cake or cake stand to either coordinate or compliment it's...
I did a quick google search and found there are not too many of these cakes around...yet!It seems it might be up and coming, you are on to something creative and new!On my search, I found a caker here at cc who did this already. I would attempt to stack it the same way this caker says she did in the description of the cake. hth
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