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Someone mentioned a few weeks ago that she needed a jewel for a princess crown. She said she grabbed some Jolly Rancher hard candies, microwaved them for a few seconds and was able to create jewels out of the candy, by pressing them onto shape. I thought it was a cleaver idea if you are in a bind.HTH
I have never had fondant sink into buttercream and I've made quite a few buttercream cakes with fondant accents. I leave my completed, stacked two tier cakes, in a box, or a large plastic see through tote, overnight, sitting on a stainless steel baking table, waiting to be delivered the next day and I haven't had any problems. HTH
Is marzipan an option for you? are plenty of recipes on line of you look for them.
I ordered cake boxes from Global Sugar Art and I was very satisfied with the cake boxes. I order from them frequently. They are great. They are located in Plattsburgh NY. They are very quick with shipping their orders to Here is the link for cupcake boxes. Luck!
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*rubs chin thinking, "Hmmm...I must look into this PITA fee." I charge a minimal fee for all tastings. Should they choose to go with me, the fee of the tasting goes towards the price of the cake. It keeps the hungry wolves away who just want free cake. It takes up too much of my time doing a tasting, to do it for free. Don't change your recipes. They are yours, and that's what makes you special.
I use Milk Shake Straws, which are very thick and about 1/4 inch around. They work very well for smaller 2 tier cakes. The straws can be cut with scissors. For larger wedding cakes, I use the poly dowels from G.S.A.There are two sizes, 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. My most recent square wedding cake, I used the 1/2 inch and I cut them with pruning shears. (A brand new...
I like what Diane had to say. That's how I would do it. If you use the gum paste, or fondant gumpaste mixture, and let it dry (with tooth picks in it) I think you would be good to go. That being said, I am not too sure of the size of the fins/tail you are speaking of. If they are larger then 3-4 inches, then perhaps you do want to wrap the foam like you were talking about above. IF they are just 3-4 inches tall to begin with, then I think you should be okay without the...
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This is not something I can give you a concrete answer to, but I can give you some ideas to think about. If you do not have an oven thermometer, you may want to invest in one. One possibility is that your cakes did not cook long enough. Thermostats kind of have minds of their own when the start getting older. If the thermostat on your oven is getting older, it could actually be cooking foods 25-50 degrees cooler then what you think. I simple $8;00 oven thermometer might be...
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