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The reason I'm thinking its those from Golda's kitchen is because in the description it says its a cereal crunch type center covered in chocolate. And I definately think you can take a small bite of those!
Thanks everyone for your input. I don't think they are the candy coated chocolate balls because at one table they are served with a spoon, and well I don't think you can just bite into a mouth fills of candy balls. They may be little ice cream frozen balls however the only thing I have seen similar to that is called dippin dots and they are much tinier?... Unless someone has seen balls a tad larger than dippin dots? As you wish .... I think you may be right, do you...
Hello I have made cake push pops before but I'm wondering can I put ice cream in them? Will it leak out the bottom at all? Another worry is that the ice cream will freeze SO much that it will be too hard to push up to eat?.. Also, can I add food colouring to ice cream? Thanks in advance Sara
Sorry here are he pics
Hello, So I follow a few bakeries on Instagram but don't want to come right out and ask them... As to not offend them I would just like to know how to so it myself. What are these little balls in these mini cups below? I want to have some on my daughters table for her birthday but I have no idea what it's called or where to buy it for that matter. If it helps I am in Ontario Canada so if anyone knows where to buy that would be great! I just don't know if it's chocolate,...
Yortma. Thank you so much! Sara
Thanks I guess if no one knows how to make it on here I will have to purchase that tutorial but does anyone on here know at all how to do it? Sara
Hello again, So my friend is getting married in August and the cake below is the only cake her fiancé and her can agree on. She has asked me to make it for her and it's definately not my 1st wedding cake but I have no idea how to get this look. It will be 3 tier to feed 125 people so it's on the smaller side. But normally I make wedding cakes and cover them in fondant. Is this fondant or buttercream? If it's buttercream.... Is it usual American buttercream or a Swiss...
Hello, I have heard before that you can use a regular printer to print an edible image? I just have to buy e icing sheets and edible ink. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I currently own a Canon Pixma MX450 if that helps. Thanks so much in advance. Sara
Goreti..... I think that's it! Although the pink cupcakes I posted seem to have a bit of height, do you think she did 2 layers of folded circles? So it would be 8 circles in total? What do you think?
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