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I have a recipe that calls for scalded milk. I have never had to scald milk before and would like to know how to do this.
Thanks for the replies. I didn't think of using a bottle opener. Will try that next time.
I ordered several shades of the 2 gram size of Luster Dust from Country Kitchen. The tiny plastic container it comes in has a lid sealed so tight I had to cut the top off with a sharp knife, leaving the container unuseable for storage. Luckily I had other containers to store them in.Anyone else have this problem? I tried running the knife around the lid to release any seal to no avail.
I would recommend finding a different source for advertising. It appears the readers of that website don't fit into the right demographic for your cakes. Try advertising in local print papers in middle to upper middle class neighborhoods. It may cost more money to do this but you'll make more money. In any business you have to spend money to make money.
Thanks for the response. It could be that the dough was too soft. I'll try freezing it.
I've used the NFSC recipe many times all with good results. But this past time there were large air bubbles in my cookies when I took them out of the oven. What did I do wrong?
I'm not a professional cookie baker so I am extremely honored that my Chinese New Year Fortune Cookies were picked for today's special at
You can make your own alcohol free VBP
Oftentimes this question comes up on here. The price of cookies, cupcakes, and other decorated baked goods will vary from one city/state to another city/state. In New York City the price of decorated cookies will be significantly higher than other places with a lower cost of living and less competition. My suggestion would be to check prices of cookie decorators and bakeries in your area to see what the going rates are.
Most of the people I know, including myself, would never buy homemade food from strangers on the internet.
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