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Try it again, I fixed the link.
I made these cookies for my friend Carlos' birthday. I took a photo of him and traced his facial features onto cardboard - cut out his nose, eyes, mouth, and used them as stencils with edible ink pens to trace on cookie. I then filled in with royal icing.Not having any talent in art, this was a long and difficult task. I'm wondering if anyone has any easy and effective ways to transfer pictures and ideas onto cookies. Wilton suggests using piping gel for cakes but it...
Ganache is too thin to hold swirls. You might want to try using chocolate mousse. I've made swirls with chocolate mousse and they held up fine.
As a newbie here can someone explain what Sur La Table is and how do I find them?
For me the hardest part of decorating is making circles and swirls with icing. They never seem to come out round. Anyone else have this problem?
I also use the butter/shortening combo. Butter alone is too soft and doesn't hold up as well. And all shortening with butter extract tastes phoney to me.
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