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Hi!I would love to be a home baker! I am not able to open my own business right now (lack of funds). Who should I write to and what should I say? Thanks!
do you use it at the same temp? also, which WASC recipe do you use? I have Khlastead and another one.
Hi! I need to make my son's birthday cake and I wanted to do cupcakes in addition to the cake. Can I just use the WASC recipe for the cupcakes? Are there any modifications? I have never used that recipe for cupcakes before but for some reason when I use another cake batter recipe for cupcakes, it turns out drier than the cake. Should I modify the recipe or the temp? Thanks!
Me too! I always have to cover the edges with something, Especially if its a square cake.
Hola como estas?Yo no se de clases en Miami pero en Plantation hay una tienda que da clases. La pagina web es // Espero que esto te ayude! Ah, por cierto, tendras alguna receta de lo que uds llaman el bizcocho borracho? creqoe que se llama asi, las tortas que tienen alcohol y que son mojaditas
Hello everyone!I have done MMF 3 times and the first time was almost 2 years ago so I do not remember how it came out (plus I didnt know anything about decorating cakes so I was just winging it). Anyhow, I did 2 batches 3 days ago and one of them came out good and the other one seems kind of dry. I am not sure if its dry or not but its not flexible (like wilton's fondant). WHen I twist it to mix colors it breaks. I used a little more than 2 pounds of sugar in both batches...
You are right Indydeby. You are right!
I do charge but I have a lot of trouble doing it. I don't know why but I feel embarrassed to charge friends (especially because I just started decorating cakes and I am not a professional).I have sold only 3 things:1. Decorated cookies and I gave a discount as long as she told people that i charged her full price (because it was the first time that I was doing them and they weren't perfect, although my friend thought they were perfect)2) the second one that I have done is...
Thank you everyone!
Thank you!So tylose is like gumtex then? i took the wilton classes and they said that gumtex will make the fondant dry harder and quicker.My cakes arent usually dry but i like them really moist. Also, I always leave them out on the counter and I think the A/C dries them out as the days go buy. I would love to find out how the bakeries do it because they do their cakes way in advance and they do not get dry. I have seen on TV that they keep their cakes in the refrigerator...
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