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Thank you!! If I use a 6" top, what would be the best size for the bottom? (Can you tell I'm a little new to this? ha ha). Thanks SO MUCH for your reply.
I am a hobby baker making my first baby shower cake in December, but I'm already planning. The cake topper is porcelain and is 4" in diameter (round). I planned to make an 8" bottom layer and a 6" top layer to put the topper on. Would 6" be too small for a 4" topper? Would that look strange? Should I make a 10" bottom layer and an 8" top? Any suggestions you have would be most welcome. I have learned so much on this site so far. THANKS!!!
Just saw the list of tour dates and so far Buddy isn't coming to the Nashville, TN area But...Bakerella will be here to sign her book on Saturday!
I love it!
I love SweetCakes!! I would buy something from a store with that name.
Hey Suzisweet -- I would love to have information on the 'mini' as well. I'm taking a class as Sweetwise in a couple of weeks (so excited!) and definitely want to get these if available. By the way - your cakes are awesome. You are my new hero
I love him! Snowmen are my favorite. Thanks for sharing
That is an incredible idea! I sometime have trouble with the cake breaking when I slice through the other side. Thank you so much!
HA!! I feel the same way. I need to take a vacation day from work just to read thru all of this! It is addicting!
Hi, Fiddlesticks! Bless you, bless you for sharing these links!
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