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I was wondering about this too. Great advice -- Thanks!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the reply. RI would also be less expensive.
Hi! Has anyone ever used Wilton Cookie Icing? I am wondering if it dries hard enough to stack cookies or wrap them in cello bags. Would RI be the best icing to use? I'm kind of new to the cookie game.
Me too! Me too!! I would love the recipe.
Wilton has a product called "White White Icing Color" that you can add to buttercream to make it whiter and it works well. Just re-read ColorBoy's post. Looks like Americolor has a white color as well.
Where can I find the "setting ganache" recipe. Sounds awesome!
I agree 100%. The cake is so cute, I didn't even notice the ripple.
I do this too and it works great!
Thank you so much! Your cakes are gorgeous!! I sure appreciate the advice. I knew I could count on you guys
Beautiful cake! Thank you for the advice
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