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Hi everyone. I'm so glad I found this topic today! Tonight I am preparing a sheet cake iced with buttercream and fondant decorations. One decoration is a black ball made of RKT covered in fondant (to look like a bomb). One of the others is a flat piece of fondant made to look like a letter. Would it be safe to refrigerate it? I am concerned about the black fondant color running. I am bring it to work tomorrow for a party on Saturday. Should I tell the lady to...
OH!! Reading your story just made my blood pressure go up. ha! I too am a hobby baker and have made a few cakes for non-relatives, but I never had a difficult situation like this. I believe it would make me want to quit too! But...your cakes are beautiful and it would be a shame for you to quit something you love because of a bunch of crazy folks.
One place you can get them is from They have a variety of lettering styles. They also have Windsor ClickStix which are supposed to be much easier to use - I don't have them yet but they are on my wish list.
I signed up too in my area - can't wait. Just hope the class has enough students. Sometimes they cancel the class if there aren't enough students. BLAH!
I bought some mini cartons in pastel colors -- very cute idea for Easter. They are brand new. Since they are mini, there is no way an egg could have ever been in there. Unless it was a little birdie. ha ha!!
I had this happen to me recently with chocolate cupcakes. Some of them were fine, but others shrank. Thank goodness I put enough buttercream on them that they didn't look strange, but the whole experience freaked me out. ha! I would love to know the answer to this mystery too.
Seriously?! That does seem too good to be true. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. Don't know if I would use it that much, but you can't beat that pric3e
Don't be so hard on yourself! I bet it isn't as bad as you think it is. We are always our own worst critics. Congratulations on your little guy's first birthday! I'm sure he will love it.
I ordered them today! Can't wait to get them. I'm going to have to take a vacation day to play!
I have taken Fondant I and Extreme Cookies and Cupcakes (that class was a lot of fun and I had a Groupon). Nice to see so many people from Nashville on CakeCentral!
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