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Dear hbarberycakes, Thanks for your question. Please find in the link below instructions for a leaf mold that is in the make your own forum. fun, and let me know if you have any questions.Dominic
The seal-dit will probably not change the color of the gold paint. Ask yourself this question: If you put some Crisco on the mask and wiped it off would it change the gold color? Probably not. Seal-Dit would act the same way.Putting the object on a clay bed will enable you to make a silicone flange around the outside of your mold which will aid in unmolding. You seem to want to make a quicky mold just to get the impression and move on, which is fine. many of my customers...
Paper Mache is porous and must be sealed before you apply any of my silicone mold making materials. I created Seal-Dit, a non toxic sealing agent just for this purpose. If your paper mache is bare and uncoated, then the Seal-Dit will be absorbed a little and change the color of the paper mache. It would look like it had been rubbed with oil. Other than the color change, I don't think that seal-dit or any of my mold making compounds will damage the paper mache. Using...
Hi Iset78 - I can answer your question after I get the following information. What is the mask made out of? How big is the mask?Once i know these two details, I can give you a full run down on how to make this mold. It is usually something easy and fun to do.Dominic
Hi Snickers 34,You can make a mold of legos very easily. You can simple press some silicone plastique over the lego blocks you want to use and you will have some great molds that you can use for fondant, chocolate, gumpaste etc. You can also make a lego mold with CopyFlex - Here is a lick that shows you how to do it from a customer of mine. This is a great method and is really easy.Go To: This Helps,Dominic
Marzipandoll - You are amazing. I think I have known you for a year and a half now and during that time you have become quite a skilled mold maker. I was recently talking to a customer of mine who mentioned that they had bought a mold from you. So, not only can mold making help with your own projects, you can also help others by making molds for them and creating a little side income for yourself at the same time. It is a real treat to see someone like you who gets it...
Hi Nanefy,You can use the same method for making lace as is shown in the video only substitute CopyFlex Liquid Silicone to get the type of mold you are looking for. CopyFlex Liquid Silicone is another food grade silicone that is sold in addition to the Silicone Plastique which has a clay like consistencly.Hope This Helps,Dominic
CakeCrystals,Sorry about the delay, I hope you don't think I forgot about you. I was getting the tutorial ready for my website, so that it could be accessed with ease. Its ready and online now, so feel free to take a look and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.It can be found here, how to make a diamond moldI hope this helps!
HiStaryberry,Due to the size of a beer bottle and minimum thicknesses required to make a functional mold, you will need two pounds of CopyFlex to make a beer bottle mold. You must use a 3" diameter tube . If you use a larger tube, the amount of Copyflex will increase dramatically.Dominic
The sugar bottle molds that are shown in the tutorial are definitely reusable. CopyFlex is a professional grade silicone intended to be used repeatedly in commercial kitchens when needed. Once you have made this mold, you can count on it as a permanent tool in your bakeshop arsenal, always ready for sugar bottle production.Sugar Beer Bottle Mold Tutorial
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