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Hello, This is Chef Dominic from Marvelous Molds. I just want you to know that I am familiar with these counterfeit products and you may be interested to know:   They do not work very well, seems the manufacturers from foreign lands do not understand the concept behind my invention or even the principles of basic cake decoration.   They have stolen my product designs, my pictures, my website content and are even using my own image on their packaging.   They are...
You can follow this link to see a video on how to make molds using Silicone Plastique:   or use this link for step by step instructions with photos on how to make lots of different types of molds.   If you have further questions don't hesistate to use the Contact Us button on the website.  We are happy to help.   The Make Your Own...
Hi tubbyswife,We have a distributor in the UK. They are:The Cake Decorating CompanyUnit 2BTriumph RoadNottinghamNG7 2GA+44 115 822 is being requested more and more in your country and I think they will be bringing it in soon. Give them a call to see when.Dominic
Dear Annabakescakes,When making a lace mold, the lace you are making a mold of has to have Seal-Dit applied to it, which is a food grade wax. This will leave a stain similar to an oil stain. You need to use an actual piece of lace for the mold making process. If all the lace she has is on her gown, Check the inseam of the gown for any usable lace pieces that can be permanently removed, or see if after alterations there is any lace that was removed for you to use for...
Brendabeeper,You can do it! I have confidence in you!Happy To Be Here:Dominic
redcherry,The sugar glass will hold liquid, but only for a short time. maybe about 10 minutes. If the liquid is hot when you pour it in your sugar glass it will be even less time before the sugar glass starts to melt.Happy To Be Here!Dominic
Dear redcherry During the video Making your own Sugar glassware, I do use a glass wine glass to make the mold. after making the mold I pour Isomalt sugar into the mold and then what is unmolded is Isomalt sugar in the shape of a wine goblet. I hope this answers your question!Happy to be here,Dominic
We are having a black Friday Sale at Starts Friday November 25-Monday November 28, 2011 25% off all Earlene's Enhanced Lace Molds25% off all Marina Sousa Molds15% off all Mold Making Products and SuppliesFree Shipping for orders of $100 or more after discounts anywhere within the 48 contiguous United States. Enter Coupon Code: BlackFriday2011in the discount code box at check out and click the "Calculate Discount" button.
bobwomderbuns,Thanks for the complements. What was your favorite part of the video? I'll be coming out with even more videos in 2012. stay tuned. Happy to be Here,Dominic
Postal_ Cake Maker,Thank you for your compliments. It is a pleasure to make the instructional videos. Watch for even more videos from in the future!
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