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Definitely the melvira method (paint roller) to smooth cakes - such a blessing. th
Gosh!  I was thinking the same,  the reason why i didnt voice it was, then there will be a minute height difference (extra fondant on top)  easier way though
Thats cute.
In my opinion, i think it will be neater if you do the pages in white fondant. not really sure, but i think some people put a bit of tylose into the fondant for the cover to keep it straight. i am not comfortable with that, bcause the people will be eating it.  you may also add brown to the white fondant and get it at least light brown and then paint it. i wonder how it will look if you paint it with only brown gel and no vodka.  last night i made two dummy books  for...
Which cake are you referring to?  the above link, shows so many.
Why dont you buy chocolate fondant instead?. Not sure whether you can achieve this colour by painting with brown gel and vodka. You may have to give a number of coates, reapplying after it dries.   Let the fondant over hang by about 1/4". first do the pages. ie. use a strip of fondant and paste it on the 3 sides. run a fork/icingicomb over it to mark the pages then place the fondant over the cake.  i suggest you have like a template cut out of paper for the size of...
Not bad for a first time. keep making more and you will get better. practice, practice and more practice
Do you mean.........  Do you like black icing in a cake?     No i dont. doesnt look appetizing
Bright idea must give it a try
Thanks Denette. that's what I have been doing. my folks don't like when I put too much icing. there have been times when I cut off a couple of mm so that I don't have to  waste so much icing!    thanks once again.
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