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I melted sugar and poured it gradually along the dowel. once hardened, i pushed it into the beer can
Follow the above advice where colouring is concerned. you might have to add some hardening substance to the fondant like tylose. cut templates. cut yr fondant turn it over and place it on wax paper and gently lift and try to place it on the cake. you may have to wait for a few minutes before peeling off the paper. Never done it, but if i had to, this is how i would have done it.
Sorry, I looked at the wrong one tooooooo
Just a thought - never made this type of cake before, so excuse me. what if you were to colour yr fondant in the lightest shade of green (for this particular cake),  since you have to start from the top and work yr way down, cut yr strips and place the two rows.  The add a bit more colour to the fondant  for the next 2 rows..,  cut and place strips and add more for the last rows... would nt this be easier? would love to know.
Buy a hemmer from the 2$ shop. it has markings on it with a a piece protruding. set it to the desired height and run it along the cake, gently.  cut yr strip of fondant, dust with corn starch on top, so that it wont adhere, and lightly roll it. place it on the line that you have marked on the cake (start from the rear) and gently unroll   it along theline and press on to the cake (before unrolling, wet a paint brush and run along the marking)
Follow the above utube tutorial. its super eeeeasy
Just a thought. if there are 60 people all wont eat cake. from my experience, these figures serves about 25 pcs each (coffee size. th e nos. are about 13" in height. if you dont want to use the  no. 5 and No. o pans you can make 13x11or 15x13 rectangular pans and cut out the the numbers
Was it the a bove that you are looking for. if so i googled and got it. print it out, paste it on cardboard and cut it out.
Yes, I agree. please change the font. reminds me of my daughter's handwriting...
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