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I don't use any cream in my  bc icing.  
Most probably because its "cheese" a softer cheese  there must be some sort of "cream/dairy" in it.   In buttercream.  its just butter  or vegetable shortening. never made curd/pudding filling.
Try placing it back in the fridge for 10 minutes and beating it.
No I don't use a. crusting b.cream.  my b.cream is all butter  (I am not a professional)   I don't spread too much b.cream over the sides.
Not done it. but if you can write with chocolate, why not with candy melts
Whats Red RI ?
Why don't you try painting the shoe with red colouring once its dry.
No it doesn't show through. its a wee bit messy at the bottom, I have noticed but that be overcome using a fondant ribbon or fabric. but it does not show through - from my experience. I haven't done a  cake for a wedding but have done tiered cakes. hth
Try wiltons rose pink.  someone on this site said   rose pink + touch of purple. HTH
just found this on the internet. make it in a horse shoe pan. i am sure each should serve 30pcs. i have this pan.
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