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I dont have this cricut machine, but i think it only cuts the shapes you want and doesnt print - its a cutting machine. Am i correct, any one?
What about other vegetable shortening brands. copha, solite. I normally make only with butter. But i have heard of these brands as well
I love licking the bowl after every cake i make. yum. As for raw egg. i was brought up on raw egg. i had to swollow one almost every day, mum said it was good , so i did it - we never heard of salmonella at that time.
You should be able to put them directly on the cake. a couple of times if i thought they were going to stretch., i will place them in the freezer for 5 minutes, pick them up and place them on the cake.
Looks like a corn flower blue/delphine Not sure whether wiltons makes this colour any more tried to get it several times but failed. otherwise a little skyblue with a bit of white like the above person stated.
Cakes covered in butter cream/ganache can be kept out. i have kept it for more than 3 days and nothing has happened. i think the sugar in the icing preserves it. As for cakes that have a cream cheese filling, that you will have to place it in the fridge. Not sure what happens to the fondant though
I think some people do the lettering on their cricut machines
Thank you for bringing it up. this is a great link. thanks to the original person who uploaded it too. (nefgaby)
I am no professional (not even close) you should have left the cake out (unless it had perishable filling) Did you cover it with ganache or butter cream. if it was only ganache you should have left it at least over night out. i have never made marshmellow fondant. i think you have a problem with the under coat. . trust someone here will be able to give a better explanation.
You can try a warm bread knife. believe me its really , really messy. little strofoam ballies all over the place. i hope some one comes up with a better idea
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