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Thank you for your help Leah! def too much icing then, I will try again:)
I had an order for 200 that took me 9 hours total. They were a disaster, please LEAH share how you do them? Here is what i did:   melt choc in wilton warmer. Mush cake and mix with icing as binder, roll into balls, stick stick into chocolate and push into ball. Freeze for 30 minutes, then dip in chocolate and wait for excess to drip, add sprinkles. BUT some of mine would not stay on stick and fell into chocolate and it was a do you do it if you dont freeze...
that is awesome! can you send us the link where you bought them? and also who makes your logo tags? soo cute!
Look no further, this has been my saving grace and the BEST tip i have gotten off cake central in a long time. Go to michaels and in the scrapbook section is a bunch of mats, called self healing mats. When you cut on them it heals itself and this has been a lifesaver, they are nice and thick and come in all sizes. I too used to use the cheap plastic cutting boards, but they are a headache. Use this and you will thank me forever:)
please tell me how i can find my SAVED PHOTOS..cant find them anywhere
I am no longer a fan of cake central. I use to get on here daily and now i dread it because its so hard to find anything and figure things out. I will not be on here daily anymore, and i am finding better results with google now than cake central! which is a total shame.  very disappointed, from a once loyal site viewer..........................i am wasting precious time trying to figure this out, when i used to be able to get on here real quick on a break and find...
yes agreed!! there is too much going on in the views, too confusing. And the site takes longer to navigate through, its much slower. and i dont like the layout..
Hi, those of you using jessicakes blog, marshmallow fluff buttercreme icing, i have a question. If i am going to use it on cupcakes, do they need refrigerated? I do not use any icing that needs refrigeration, so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!!
hi! you will want to put the legs into your cake while the ganache is still somewhat soft, so after i ganache, let set and cover with fondant, then i immediately put the legs in. I would not wait and refrigerate your cake and then try to put the legs in. It would work but you would have a harder time doing it Happy caking!
From Stratch SF: thank you for the cupcake idea! I have a question please, how long can you leave them in the freezer for inside the trays- cupcakes- I mean? What is your threathold for freezer freshness when your talking about cupcakes? I have not successfully froze a cupcake. Thanks!
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