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yes shiny metal object thingy is awesome! but my new favorite tool is an app on my iphone called the tiered caker, i just put in my serving number and it gives you a bunch of size options to tell your client. I love it, cost 8 bucks and well worth it for an on the go type of person like myself:)
ok thank you:)
yes, i use a crusting american buttercream, and the plaque was a fondant circle with a smaller circle on top of it with a letter, about the size of a coke can top maybe larger.. but i am wondering how people attach giant bows to the middle sides without them falling if i cant even get my plaque to stay with chocoloate..   no i can do small flowers n dots with no issues..
Hello, I mostly create fondant cakes but the other day I made a small cake 6 inch with buttercream and daisys and a round disk flat emblem with ladies initial on it, to be put front and center of cake. I attached the daisies with royal and they did not fall, but i attached the emble with melting chocolate because it was heavier piece. Later that day i came back and the emblem had pulled out and fallen off the cake.   How do you all get your heavy items to attach well...
LOL, thank you bakingirene! Im going to make him read this post to be sure he is getting everything correct. I be he did not know all of that, he does put ingredients, paper products and office supplies in seperate areas, but I bet he did not realize it is all 100% deductable, so thank you!
bhahha, he probably didnt know that expense was 100%, we are still learning what is 100 percent and what is half etc.. our accountant takes care of it all for us, we just turn in our reciepts to her, we do use cake boss software but we are still learning all the ins and outs, since we only meet with her a few times a year, its hard to remember exactly what is what sometimes.  it seems like alot of stuff changes each year as far as percentage that gets deducted, all the...
ok thank you, I totally understand now:) My husband thought because some buckets of fondant were too old to use and I threw them out that i should be able to deduct some additional loss even though we already claimed the bucket as an expense, lol. I told him no and he said post it on the forum, lol and ask. Thank you!!  He thought that.. that particular expense would be counted at a higher percentage rate of deductable i guess than the regular write off expense already...
thanks guys! I appreciate your help and quick answer, o and yes it was pertaining to a business tax return.
ok thank you for responding. So the answer is a big no.. lol, if you dont use your ingredients, its your loss.
IS there a way to deduct ingredients that you dont use that have expired or went bad, such as old fondant and expired items that you throw out unused? If so, how do I show that on my tax forms and how does it get entered or how is it deductable I guess is what I am saying...   Also for orders that were cancelled after the cake was made, I had one of those this year? is there a way to deduct that as well?   Thanks!
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