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ok i just ordered some from Avalon Deco, they had 12$ for 12 medium sized  2 3/4 inch plus $12$ ship They didnt look as awesome as the more expensive ones, but for my budget Im hoping when they arrive they look decent...   thank for everyones suggestions:)
Hello CWR41, i tried your link but it doenst take me to the flowers, then i put sunflower into the search ingine on that site and it comes back with royal icing ones, maybe im doing something incorrect?   Sweet Garcia: Sweetwise charges too much shipping to wv where i live:(   I am about to call avalon ..   thank you all!
I am in search of sunflowers- gumpaste, and I am interested in the best and least expensive online company to order from. I have checked caljava, bakers somthing, ebay, etsy etc.. I cant find box of nice looking (10)sunflowers for less than 50$...
ooo I will have to try that! I have the 5 petal flower at home as well, I hadnt thought of that..
ok thank you! as soon as i get home I will watch the utube video.. I appreciate your suggestion:)
I have a cake order for this and at first I thought it was a tulip and started looking for tulip tutorials but i cant find anything that looks similar to this. Please tell me what flower this is and how to make these please and thanks!      
thanks Jason, yes currently I use Super Hymo Shortening instead of Sweetex because there is no local carrier anywhere near me. I pay 51 plus 23 shipping from   They are excellent and teh Hymo is awesome.
computer paper, and buying a round spice rack turner (frim Ikea) for my turn table, 8$ and love it!
Jason, do they ship? they say no location in my area? if so what is the cost with shipping, (presuming your get yours shipped).   Thanks for the info!
this is awesome! i have a few questions, as I have tried to do this with a louis vuitton cake and it was quite difficult and I had issues getting the edible paper to curve arond sides without bubbling..   Can you tell me, how many sheet you uses? Did you cut them before hand to exact size of purse? Did you do it in sections, front- 1 piece, sides- 1-piece- and back? How did you fix the seems so it didnt show through?   When I did my luois cake the sheets would...
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