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So do we need to remix the batter once its been thawed or taken out of frig??
wonderful!! thank you soo much!
Thank you so much i will try this one! Do you leave this sit out overnight?? all my recipes are ones to sit out and non perishable, so i want to make sure i do things correctly. this is for a fondant cake also, which i dont like to refrigerate...does it hold under fondant??
please help, everytime it seems i try to adapt an icing to cream cheese, i see tiny breaks/cracks in it. Anyone have a good cream cheese crusting buttercream recipe that does not need refrigeration..i have tried severalThansk!!
stick a wooden skewer in him and down into the cake, or a few even for balance..
My wrinkly cracks happened all with sams club buttercream, but not always..maybe someone over there doesnt always make it quite right??? I am trying indebis today, and then sharons later because i dont have any high ratio right now... Lets figure this out!
ok, from the research i have gathered is try cake craft colors, and use milk in your icing to try to prevent buttercream, im surprised in this industry no one has a tried and true method??
Indebi, i love you by the way!.. then what do you do to stop the purple fading to blue problems..? if there is nothing to do abut do you work on a purple request?
This is so odd! so not only has it happened with sams club buttercream, indebis recipe, and a cream cheese recipe! O MY!! so its not just me, i hope a professional can help us, it ruins the entire look of my cakes!! especially wedding cakes????HELP
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