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the old link for the helipops diaper bag tutorial is still broken, does anyone have a copy of the tutorial still?? please and thanks!
no its loopy to look like yarn... curls of yarn:(
Hello, I have an order for a sock monkey cucpake cake, its the one where the cupcakes are lined up on a  board in the shape of a sockmonkey, with brown curly icing fur. I cant figure out what tip or how they used it to get the effect? I would attach photo but i cant get it to load.       Anyone?
yes, and I was not impressed.. I so wanted to love it.. I tried, salted caramel, pistacio, lemon and was just ok..
O , I see, I thought the whole cruise was reserved for just cake people.. I misunderstood!! Are you going this year?
o wonderful!! ok so the food and everything is good just like a regular cruise would be? I just want to make sure nothing is sacrificed just because its a cake cruise? Is the size of ship good and the accomodations?   I am def thinking of going on this one, just waiting for the class list to post..
yep I totally agree and the silver will be much easier that way! thanks:)
Hey guys, im thinking of doing the 2014 cake cruise out of FL Ft Lauderdale in November. Is this a good idea, and who has went and what are you thoughts, likes or dislikes? Is it worth it?   Thanks!
You are right! I could do that! I am much better at painting... this is a great idea.. thank you! I will test both out!
If I use American buttercream, do you think it would break off in travel? I would love to use my regular buttercream on this instead of royal now that you suggest it?
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