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It's beautiful!
There is an edible silver pen (it's described as being kind of like a pen/brush) but I would imagine you would need to use it on fondant.  You can just google edible silver icing pen 
I think your buttercream needs to be thicker for some of the flowers. I think your borders look good and I love the fleur de lis you did.  Why not take the Michael's classes you could use the coupon and get a % off.  I think they are great for a beginner.  And most of all, just keep piping skills are not so good, but I just kept making cakes and learning and found the areas I do better in (definitely not buttercream!)  There are also tons of tutorials on...
I had the same problem with my chocolate cupcakes...I raised the oven temp for the first 5-8 minutes and then lowered it back down.  It worked perfectly!
If you google "sculpting my little pony out of clay" I think you will get some great pictures/tutorials.
I PM'd you some pics of how I did mine. Hope it's helpful 
Thank you winniemog!
I want to make a figure coming out of the top of the cake, kind of  like superman with one hand raised up like he's about to "take off."  I'm not sure of the best way to create the structure of this figure and if I should do it out of fondant, RKT, modeling chocolate or some combination of  these.  I've done figures before with wire internal structures or dowels but I want to make sure  that the arm that is raised is secure...any advice would be greatly appreciated....I...
Yes I've also used melts to cover, I'm not sure why I said ganache...but I guess that would work too...LOL
It could definitely be RKT then cover with ganache and fondant. I'd support it on the top tier in case it's heavy.
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