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If you google gelatin capsules a ton of stuff comes up and where to buy.
Looks great!
she should let you cover it in fondant, then let her kid draw all over it with edible markers.
Wilton fondant would hold, but I would do  a 50/50 gum paste fondant mix, or add tylose to your fondant.  you can let them dry on the wax paper wrapped cake pans so they will fit nicely around it.  Yes you will need to dowel (or sps support) your tiers. cute cake!
This may be too late, but I always use melted candy melts for something that needs to dry quickly. HTH.
cupadeescakes...Are you kidding me?! Those are FANTASTIC!!!!
I would actually make it two (or more)  different cakes  separated by a cake board and where they are stacked together that is where the band around the wine barrel could go.  that way they could lift one cake off the other and you'd have enough servings. 
Yes I agree grass tip, then could you "smush" some down by using an abbreviated viva paper towel method...or maybe crinkling up wax paper into w loose ball and "dabbing" it spots to compress the butter cream? 
Yup I also just divide the batter evenly. no torting, just layer- 
you need to put supports in a circular pattern to support that ball which should be on it's own cake circle.  I would also do ganache on that ball, it holds it's shape better.  some put a cake board between the two halves of the ball with dowels to support the weight of the top of the ball which sometimes gets "too" heavy for the bottom half and distorts the round shape.  You need a thick dam of icing around before you fill and put a weight on top of the cake and let it...
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