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Hi there, i have a similar order of fresh flowers cascading down the side. My question would be how to make it cascade? Using straws...which ones, coffee stirrers or regular? Alternatively, could you wrap the stems with foil and insert it into the cake? Thanks
hi, i was trying the link now.. it says unavailable. can u help me get the link to that book? thanks.
HI majka_ze , thanks for the tips. i'll try out your recipe for icing soon. could u tell me what is "white 100% fat"?i did try another icing recipe before which used flour.. but i ended up with grains of flour in the icing. i wonder what i did wrong.anyway, thanks again.
hey majka_ze, thanks alot for the tips 1 i tried the cake today and it turned out perfect! still alittle too sweeet for me though. but not dry ! iam really happy. thank you very mcuh !!BTW do u have any recipe that's less sweet? thanks a bunch !
great ! will get back to u with my result. thanks a ton !
hey majka_ze, thanks for your recipe, but could u give me one that uses all purpose flour? dont have cake flour in hand. thanks.
Thanks alot guys for the responses. as u can see i'm desperate to solve this problem. @ majka_ze; here is the recent recipe i've used is for Yellow cake recipe from the cook book 'better homes and gardens- New cook book".ingr: 3 cups all-purpose flour2 cups sugar1tbsp B.P.1.5cups milk.5 cup margarine/butter1.5tsp vanilla2 eggs in bowl combine flour, sugar, B.P. add milk, margarine, vanilla. beat with electric mixer on low speed till combined. beat on high speed for 2 min....
thanks alot for the tips guys. really appreciate it !
Hey guys, anyone please help me with my scratch cakes !! Whenever i make scratch cakes they turn out dry. what am i doing wrong? i've made thousands of box cakes and they're fine. i feel the box cakes are too sweet.. so i try to make scratch cakes with less sweetness. that's the only change i make in the recipes. if the recipe calls for 2 cups of sugar.. i put in 1.5 cups. could this be the reason for my dry cakes?? Please help !
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