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Just head someone got one of these.....anyone have one? How do you like it?
thank you sister-in law really wants a cake with fresh ones for her grandmother this weekend...she is literally on her death bed and this will probably be her last birthday cake so i wanted to do what she asked.
I know that hydrangeas are poisonous and I know that you wouldn't want to stick them in a cake but is there any safe way to use fresh hydrangeas on a cake and if so how quickly are they going to wilt?
Thanks Apti! Good luck...hope it goes smoothly for you
just wanted you to know you are not alone. I have been having lots of issues lately with my cakes as well. I have taken the advice of those here on CC and am currently taking a break....and boy is it nice! Maybe you could use one as well. Just knowing I don't have any cake responsibilities for the moment makes me feel better. Hopefully I will come back refreshed and thing will go more smoothly. Best wishes!
i used that pan for a bowling cake just a few weekends ago and didn't have great results. Mine ended up cracking because I kept having to move it due to other issues...however the cake held up fine even though it was compromised....
these are all wonderful and very helpful...thanks everyone. I will post pictures when finished. Glad to see i'm not the only one who has a hard time thinking of manly designs...i knew polka dots weren't gonna cut it this time
Patty the fathers day cake is one I saved earlier today while browsing on here and was leaning towards doing a similar design...neat that you posted it here. Great cake and thanks for the inspiration
those are both great...still trying to stick with vanilla buttercream with as little fondant as possible but I might go with something similar to what cattycorner posted
I could do the camo...I am just being selfish since I just did one last weekend...I kinda wanted something different...especially since the same people will be at this party who were at the one last I would do something with deer but he hates fondant and I'm thinking a butter-cream deer isn't going to look to nice. Maybe an edible image or something....Sorry I'm brainstorming as i type this
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