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thanks blakes cakes....I figured i would need to color it, but a girl can dream right? LOL I think I am getting lazy.
thanks so much...i will pick up the can of Duff spray for a trial run and probably order some spray from global sugar art as well. Thanks everyone
blakescakes...I have never used the spray...would you color the fondant gray first then spray it? Or is this something that eliminates the need to color the fondant? Also have you tried a gold color spray? Thank so much for the advice
I am going to be making a cake that will be Thor's Hammer. I am not sure if we will be doing it gold/bronze or silver yet but know that I am going to need to order something to achieve the metallic look I am going for. Has anyone ever used Platinum dust the gold or silver sold on Global Sugar Art? Also I say some metallic sprays on there as well....can anyone recommended a good product to achieve a nice metal look.
i so know how you feel...I have learned through many many mistakes that if I am tired, I need to GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! If I am tired and trying to work on a cake it WILL either get dropped, messed up, or I will rush and make it look horrible. Not sure if you were tired or not, but either way sounds like you might need to take a little break. Sorry you are having such a hard time...hope your end result turns out better!
i have never tried it, but have heard that there can be issues....?
in my experiance yeah it ruined it...then again it was a diabetic based cream cheese icing made with creamcheese heavy whipping cream sugar free pudding and splenda
I never make cream cheese icing. Only for a diabetic icing I make for my husbands grandmother. Well her birthday is tonight and I had her cake all done, opened the box this morning and the gumpaste had literally turned into puddles of goo. That was a fun lesson to learn...ugh. So glad I had time to redo everything. I ended up putting a thin coat of buttercream over the cream cheese icing and then decorating ontop of it. So far so good. This way she can just scrape...
AKS that was it!!! Bookmarking it now...Again! LOL Thanks everyone
thanks tiggy i watched those videos earlier today and will try that method for sureptanyer i'm not sure if that is it or not...while i am enjoying that blog very much i can't find any cricut info on there. I think it may have been another site. This is aggrivating thanks yall
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