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After a year and a half we are FINALLY on the end of creating my second kitchen for my cake business to operate out of our home. We only have to refinish the wood floors and run the wire for the stove. I am so excited to do the finishing touches like filling my baskets with towels and placing all my tools. I would LOVE to see some pictures of other peoples home based cake kitchens for a little inspiration. I should be posting some before and after pictures within the...
my first initial tough was Sams, and we just got a cosco ...I will check and compare prices. Thanks
I am planning to sell chocolate covered strawberries this valentines day and wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good company to purchase some wholesale strawberries from. I am in Georgia but know that a lot of companies will ship them out.
jason, that made me laugh. While we can't say for sure how they charge so little, if they are pricing all of the cakes this low there is a good chance they won't be around much longer.
scp what is the name of the program? I am computer illiterate LOL
Bridgette that was a typo i did catch it but have not corrected it yet LOL Thanks though
great ideas! Thanks so much Jason, I will for sure be doing some of those.
I am opening my home based kitchen the first of the year and i've been trying to get the details moving while the kitchen gets finished. I just started my website yesterday and still have some galleries to add. Just wanted to share and see if there were any recommendations for anything i am missing or that i should change. All suggestions welcome. Also if anyone has set up their own and used GoogleAdwords GoogleWebmaster or GoogleAnalytics please let me know what i am...
I am almost ready to open my home based shop operating out of a separate kitchen here in Georgia. I am in Augusta Ga, Richmond county. I have applied and received my EIN from the IRS. I am going to open my checking account in the next week or two. Planning to start operating the 1st of the new year. I have my insurance lined up to begin as soon as I give them the okay. I am wondering other than having my kitchen approved through the Dept. of Agriculture and the...
thanks blakes cakes....I figured i would need to color it, but a girl can dream right? LOL I think I am getting lazy.
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