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i had my only cake disaster when I tired the wooden wilton dowels. I usually use the plastic tube dowels and never have issues with them, althogh I am a beliver that sps is the best.
Kpow, I am in Richmond County
In GA you have to have a separate kitchen to operate out of. We had a room to spare but it had to have new sheet rock plus everything to make it a kitchen (New plumbing and electrical stuff) Our goal was to do the whole kitchen with just extra spare income and not take out any loans. Had we chose to take out a loan we could have finished in just a few months I'm sure, but I really didn't want to start my business out in debt....
It has taken about 2 years and lots of hours, only using extra money and refused to borrow any money but it has all paid off! Today I am an official LEGAL home based bakery in GEORGIA! Just had to share!
did you consider piping the print on and then smoothing it out, that is how I do my camo. We have done cheetah print the same way in the past.
Leah, Do you just include the price of the sps into the cake so the client keeps the sps or do you charge a deposit on even the small cakes so that you get the pieces back?One of the reasons I have only uses the sps a few times is because even though I buy the 4 inch legs for the plates sometimes they are still a little bit too tall for my tiers. Probably only a 1/4 inch or so. But they are so hard to there an easy way to cut them or should i just leave them...
tails, no...I used 5 wooden dowels in the 10 inch bottom and probably 4 wooden dowels in the 8 inch middleLeah, I have learned my lesson. I will be ordering a truck load of SPS this week...I cant stomach this again.
thanks least now I know that it was probably due to the wooden dowels...lesson learned
thanks bakingangel~ I always use the plastic tube style dowels for my everyday cakes and usually use SPS for my wedding cakes. I have recently used the wooden dowels because the store was out of the plastic tube style. Since the cake was smaller than most of the wedding cakes I make (it was a 6 8 10) I figured I didn't need to bother with the SPS. I guess I was wrong. I didn't put the dowel through the center, I am under the impression the middle one that goes all...
thanks everyone for your responses....I have tried most of the suggestions in the past. I think I just need to keep trying I guess. I ended up having to use foam for the head of my dragon and was able to use cereal treats over the pvc for his neck. It isn't perfect but turned out okay. I will try and attach a picture...thanks
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