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Do "box cake" do better when frozen?
The Bakers Kitchen is good place to purchase cutters, nice variety and reasonable prices.
I know I should know this, but I don't . My question is " can you freeze buttercream?" Thanks!
What is the best way to color white cholate? Will Wilton gel work? Also should I wait for the chocolate to cool before adding color? TIA!
Just a touch of copper. hTH.
It never ends!
I use TBK gumpaste mix (powder) you use 1/3 cup hot water to 1 cup mix. pipe on your design on parchment paper let dry overnight and then peel off. It's flexible and works great! Ive used it for spiderwebs. It comes in different colors too. I purchased mine from Bakers Kitchen.
Thanks for info!
I just made a cake with spiderwebs, I used a gumpaste mix from bakers kitchen, it makes flexible royal icing. I just drew spiderwebs on parchment paper and piped the royal on the paper, let it dry overnight then peel it right off! I works like a charm! They have different colors.I used the chocolate then added black color. I first saw it on Amazing Wedding Cakes.
I'm so bummed, my beautiful cake slid out of the box onto to floorboard of my car upside down! I was so proud of this baby shower cake I'm still scrapping buttercream out of my car! All my hard work ruined in a bilnk of an eye! Just needed to vent, I feel better now.
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