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Mozel tov!
Carmijok, your recipe looks great, I'm gonna try it soon!
Miasmom82, I tried the "American fluffy buttercream" and it's great! Lite and fluffy and easy to make.
You could add a touch of copper.
I have the Wilton steel base turntable and love it. I've had mine for a couple a years now and it still works good. HTH.
I agree with Jason, IRS is much scarier than the FDA.
I'm sure this has been addressed already, but I'll ask anyways. Can you airbrush on buttercream covered cakes? TIA!
I usually put a Nice thick layer of buttercream under fondant just for that reason. That way they could just peel it off and eat the cake. I love the way fondant looks and really don't mind the taste but a lot of people don't like it. I usually make my own fondant, I like it better than store bought.
Shell method, old school here!
Diane, what do you use to hold your cake together? I only Use a tiny bit of icing and sometimes I use a liqour (bailys) but only enough for the cake to bind together.
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