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Thanks for all your replys, very helpful!
Does anyone use buttermilk instead of water in box mixes?
I want to make a banner out of gumpast and either airbrush gold or paint gold. My question is what color of gumpaste would be easiest to get the gold color? I've heard black is the color to use if you want to turn it gold or silver. TIA!
Oops, meant "did NOT" come with knife and lifter!
I too found it at TJ maxx, did come with the knife or cake lifter! Haven't tried it yet. @Boyka, did yours come with the knife & lifter?
Quick question, can you freeze "cream cheese" buttercream icing? I know you can freeze buttercream icing but mot sure about cream cheese icing. Thanks for all and any reply!
@debbyJG, you mentioned you sell your fondant on Etsy. How do we check it out? I'd love to try yours.
I tried it using frozen pink lemonade (thawed) instead of water, it was good. I'd try it again using less of the pink lemonade.
Never heard of putting the cake on the top rack, what's the time on a cake that size when baking on the top rack? I always learn something new here!
Hi all, just a quick question that I'm sure one of you wonderful decorators will know. How do I get "Tiffany blue" which colors should I mix together? TIA:grin:
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