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Oops, I mean, do you use a dam?
Do you a dam?
Soooo jealous! I keep saying I'm gonna get one, but still procrastinating. Gotta do it!
Oh by the way Yorkma, very clever!
I so gotta get me an Agbay, I've be wanting one for a very long time. I still use my old wilton one. (not the new fold out one) works ok if I put my cake on a turntable and spin it.But every time I hear about the Agbay, it just makes me want to invest in it. I've never heard anything negative about it :-Djust praise. Must start saving because I know their not cheap!
You can purchase hi ratio shortening from bakers kitchen. You can buy 4lb tubs or larger. Their prices are very reasonable.
I order from bakers kitchen. It's 9.99 for a 4lb. Tub. Fast service!
I purchased one on Amazon. It was on the lower end price wise, but it has turned out to be a really good machine. I just make sure to clean it really well after every use. I don't use too often but love it when I do. Glad I didn't invest too much $!
Does anyone have any tips on how to get the texture of a basketball/football on fondant? Would love any advice! TIA!
I got the same "love" letter from miss Helen, how weird is that?! Good luck Miss Helen!
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