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I have made a few cakes with flames, my husband is a firefighter. Here are the links to mine. HTH
Yep, that is what I was going to say....icecream cone!
My go to chocolate cake is the recipe on the Hershey's can. It is veyr simple and tastes amazing.
Nope, no bulge when you leave yourself the quarter inch. But I will say to make sure you fill the gap in completely with your crumb coat, or you might have an air bubble explosion. Had that happen once when I didn't take the extra step to insure it was filled in all the way. I do this by using a piping bag to apply my crumb coat. I place my tip right on the cake at the joining and fill it up completely before covering the rest of the cake with the crumb coat. The joining...
There are some great tutorials on YouTube. You should check them out, then practice, practice, practice. Everyone has a different method that works for them.
Ditto!!! Make sure your dam is in from the edge of the cake. It took me forever to figure that one out. If it is on the edge of the cake it will still show when you smooth our frosting. And yes, very thick, like playdough almost. I fill with my filling just below the level of the dam also, this insures no leakage.
I am making some Smores cupcakes tomorrow. I am using chocolate cake though, and putting a gram cracker crust on the bottom (just like you would for a pie). I am filling it with marshmallow fluff and topping with ganache. Then I will garnish with a graham cracker, chocolate square and the tiny little Mellowbites. I would definitely add the crushed graham crackers to the filling, it will help with the sensation of eating a smore. I don't think it would be the same without...
I have some gumpaste pieces I made just over a year ago stored in a zip lock baggie, they are still hard as a rock. But I did have some fondant ones that I made and stored in a plastic container for a few months, when I went back they were all gooey. I am guessing this was because there was still some moisture in the fondant when I stored it.
I don't know what country you are in, but I would suggest ordering online from somewhere that will ship to you. If you are offering something that no one else in your area can offer because the materials aren't available, you could charge enough to make up for the shipping. I can't help you with the recipe though, I made my own 3 times, and decided it just wasn't worth it. The pre made stuff is much more predictable and saves me so much time. Good luck in your quest. I...
So sorry. But yeah, I would keep up the baking for personal use as much as you can. Make them some goodies and deliver them with copies of your paperwork. Let them know that you know, and hopefully they will back down.
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