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I am finishing up a bridal shower cake for one of my dearest friends. Why I agreed to host the party at my house during the last week of school, and make the cake I have no idea. My house is a mess, my kitchen has been transformed into Cakeland, and my backyard is set to get dusted by some major winds tonight!!!! But somehow, it will all come together....I hope!Anyway, I need your help. Should I put the flowers on top, or leave them off?? Here is are the links to both from...
You should be fine, as long as no furry family members decided to snack on it while you slept.
So exciting!!! I will have to take a look at it. I need something like this!
So we still have a ways to go, but atleast there have been a few steps in the right direction. I guess we all just continue to wait.
I think it passed!!!! Jason did I read that right? And what does that mean now? How soon could this take effect?
Or how about just a smaller version of the real thing, since the uncle won't get to see it.
Thank you!!! I just might take you up on that next week if I fail misrably. I will be making a cake for my anniversary and my best friend's, we are gonna celebrate on a double date. So I like to use my cakes as my testing zone!!!! My poor husband, he never gets what he wants, but what I want to try!!!!
Yep Indydebi's buttercream is grea tin heat and humidity. Just keep it in the shade though. I don't think anything will hold up to direct sunlight!
Yep. But I would form it over the outside of the bowl turned upside down. That would be easier to get it on smooth that way. And make sure you coat your bowl with shortening then cornstarch or powdered sugar. Then it shouldn't stick. When I do this I keep rotating the gumpaste around every once in a while afte rit has started to harden. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I do it to help it not stick.
Place your cake on its own cake board (same size as the cake) then attach that cakeboard to the decorative one. I use duct tape to attach mine. Add your boarder after you attach to the decorative to cover up any of the board you can see. HTH
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