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I used his recipe but added all 6 sticks of butter when it really needed only four (he says in the video that the amount may vary from 4-6 sticks due to temperature/humidity/etc.).  The icing was very stable though and was easy to work with (just tasted too buttery).  Next time I will only use 4 sticks.   I think he's a great teacher!
Thanks for the replies!  :)
Hi, I just took Alice Medrich's "Decadent Chocolate Cakes" course on Craftsy and one of the recipes involves spreading warm chocolate on a shelf liner (to wrap the outsides of the cake in chocolate). She recommends going to the hardware store to buy the shelf liner. I've seen many posts here warning that shelf liner is not food safe - but does a food safe liner exist? If not, what can I use as an alternative?
I am going to try Fondarific next.
I have been a loyal Satin Ice user despite having issues with it because it is the only fondant that I can buy locally at a reasonable price.  I hate the bubbles that form after I cover a cold cake, and I hate the chemical smell.  All of my cakes looked fantastic though despite those issues.  I tend to preface any of my cakes with 'feel free to peel off the fondant - I won't be insulted'.  I'm a hobbyist so I'm usually invited to the events that my cakes are...
Thanks for the replies! I'm happy to hear that it's normal.
Hi,   Dh just surprised me with an upgrade from my 4.5 qt Ultra Power to the 7 Qt.  I adjusted the bowl clearance on the flat beater so that it just clears the bowl (as indicated in the user manual).  My question is about the 11-wire whisk attachment.   It clears the bowl beautifully, but I swear I hear it tapping the sides of the bowl.  I called KitchenAid and a customer service rep told me that it will do this, but I wanted to double check to see if anyone else...
Hi,   I am making a Xmas cake for my mom's tree trimming party and I wanted to get started on the RI snowflakes.  I am attempting Alton Brown's RI recipe which calls for pasteurized egg whites instead of using my usual meringue powder (because I'm out and I'd have to pay horrendous shipping to get more).   Can I make the snowflakes now if the party is on Dec 22?  Will they still be safe to eat?
I agree that FDA approval doesn't mean that it should be consumed in large quantities, but at least you know that you are not decorating with ground up plastic, kwim? I'm a hobbyist so I don't spend a ton of time decorating, but bakery's lung sounds downright scary. It makes sense that one's lungs could be negatively affected by inhaling flour and powdered sugar repeatedly.
I believe those two ingredients are propellants.
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