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Hi,Is it possible to make a sugar bottle in the shape of a champagne bottle? I've seen them done for beer bottles, but nothing else.Thanks!
If you talk about being a teacher as 'following my dream' then just be honest, expect that they will be disappointed, angry, etc., but the bottom line is that you have to do what is right for you. I have no advice to give you in terms of dissolving your company, but just be honest with them and weather the storm.
Can I use butter instead of shortening for the White Chocolate Pound Cake?
Hi,A friend of mine is looking to rent some kitchen space for her new business (it's more pastries than cakes). I have no advice to offer her. She doesn't need a ton of space, but does need an oven and space in a refrigerator (or space for a fridge).What would be a good starting point for her search?
Amazing! Thanks!
Or the totally awesome picture from CC that inspired you!!
Well said. I think you've hit the nail on the head. I guess the best advice for me right now comes from Star Wars (oddly enough - I'm not a big Star Wars fan):"Patience, Young Jedi"
OMG - I could have written this!!!! Too funny!
LOL!! You're right! The bride wants something 'simple' and only 2 tiers.
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