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Lovely! I love twilight!How were those letters done on the black cake?
That sucks, but luckily, she is not the majority of people. I have a feeling that even when the cake size is specified, people don't actually visualize an 8" or 10" cake and then are shocked at the size (even though it was agreed upon initially).Muggles...
Kims_cake - thank you for the kind words! I am feeling better today and am hoping I have finally turned the corner on this thing. If not, I'll be at the doc on Monday!I think I will have some coffee though...
Amazing!! Thanks!
Thanks for the pasta suggestion. I am going to try this! I like my cakes to be completely edible (save for the dowels and the boards), so I find this idea particularly appealing!
I use cake boards slightly larger than the cake. Then you can flip without a problem.
Let me just say first that I don't do wedding cakes. I guess I'm in the minority, but I thought it was standard to torte. If you do not torte, then don't you end up with way too much cake and not enough filling/icing?
Ah. Bummer. Thanks!
That's the one! Thanks for posting, Deb. I'm still under the weather...
I was going to ask this question, so thanks for the post!
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